Alpaca Socks

Due to its many beneficial qualities, alpaca wool is considered to be a luxury material. It is highly desired by consumers, due to it’s
hypoallergenic benefits. Alpaca wool is also an excellent material for managing heat,  controlling temperature so you can be cool for the summer and warm in the winter. Similar to other types of wool, alpaca wool is commonly used in applications in which heat retention is desired, for instance, alpaca wool is commonly used to make sweaters, and it is also a favourite material for mittens, gloves, and hats. Alpaca yarn will keep you odour free and thanks to its antibacterial properties doesn’t require washing after every use. This also makes it an ideal material for making socks.


Alpaca yarn is more luxurious than sheep’s wool and as well as having the natural benefits mentioned above, alpaca wool also makes the ideal bed socks.

Our alpaca bed socks are beautifully crafted to offer a cosy sock giving your feet a well deserved hug.  Our alpaca bed socks can also be worn around the house or whilst snuggling on the sofa binge watching your favourite box sets.

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